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..... Once upon a Dream...
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25th-Feb-2020 04:52 pm - WESTKITSUNE @ LJ
YunJae paris

Hello guys!~ Well, you've stumbled across my LJ page.. I've decided to become active in my own page instead of going elsewhere a lot. If you've friended me, or made it here somehow, it means you are interested in just about the same things as I do. If you're lost and have no idea how you got here, you can find my lovelies over at the sidebar to your left. Please enjoy~ I'll keep my entries that are personal-related or too cheesy friends-locked.. I don't think people would bother knowing about those kinds of stuff anyways.

Anyway, I hope you find time to friend me if you liked one or two of my post, and leave a message so I may friend you back ^^

Love lots~

YunJae paris
FRIENDS!! (and friends of friends) Opening orders for those who wants to purchase their goods from SM Pop-Up Store!!!


** all of the prices are rounded off from actual conversion for easy "sukli" and a small add-on for exchange rate factors.
** my friend will be bringing them from Seoul to Manila so no shipping fee added. However, this means that big items like the bromide poster is VERY limited. I didn't include the EXO file box already because it will be hard to bring it along at the airport ;;; sorry!!

Read more...Collapse )976a4790jw1e63worau3cj20hs27mn71

EXO Note(book)
*please state which member

PHP 320

EXO Photo Sticker Set
₩ 8,000
PHP 320
EXO Sticker Set
₩ 7,000
PHP 280

EXO Stamp Sticker
₩ 9,000
PHP 360

EXO Pen Case
₩ 15,000
PHP 600

EXO Shopping Bag
*please state which member
₩ 8,000
PHP 320

EXO Book Tail
₩ 3,000
PHP 120

EXO Full Scale Poster
First 5 orders only!!
*please state which member
₩ 54,000
PHP 2,200

EXO Button
*please state which member
₩ 3,000
PHP 120

EXO Travel Set
₩ 13,000
PHP 520

EXO Card Case
*please state which member
₩ 10,000
PHP 400

EXO Silicone Bracelets
₩ 9,000
PHP 360

The price in the next items below are just estimates, since they are not included in the poster from SM. Refunds will be made as necessary~

EXO T-Shirt
**Subject to availability. Please indicate size.
₩ 29,000
PHP 1,550

**Subject to availability. Please inform which member
I'm not exactly sure how much this is, my bet is ranging from Php150-300, but you can still place an order if you're really willing to purchase this and just pay for it once we get the amount in Won for conversion to Peso.
₩ ???
PHP ???

For those not listed above BUT you've seen in websites being sold in the SM Pop-Up Store in Myeongdong, please do leave a message here or send me an "a" at twitter (westkitsune) so we can see if there is stock and we can buy for you ^^

EXO File Case (Folder) *please state which member
EXO Bracelet (not silicone)

Please leave your name, order item list, total price, and contact number (mobile phone preferred) so I can SMS where you will deposit payment ^^ Meet-up in Manila area only ^^
28th-Aug-2011 10:19 pm - Fugitive - Prologue - KyuMin / YeWook
YunJae paris
Title: Fugitive
Author: westkitsune
Rating: PG-13 -> R
Pairing: KyuMin, YeWook, a dash of SiChul
Disclaimer: If I own the boys there's no sense doing this is there? xD
Summary: They were tasked to find the two creatures created to be genetically perfect, but they had no idea that the search will lead them to love, betrayal, forgiveness, and the ultimate sacrifice.
Author's Notes: This fic was inspired by my gif-fic and the urging of friends to post it as a full-blown fic. Many thanks to mara_ciro for being my beta and elaineleyn for the moral support and telling me it's good enough when I felt it wasn't ^^


It was supposed to be an ordinary, easy enough job.

“Tell me again why we are looking for refugees…” Yesung requested, eyebrows scrunching as he traced a finger over the black-and-white photo of the two subjects they were supposed to be searching for.

There was a mixture of confusion and frustration on his face. As a trained assassin he has seen and handled several cases, which ranged from the richest elite to the heads of Mafia organizations, but there was absolutely nothing on the guileless faces of these two creatures in the photographs he is holding that belied any malicious intent.

Kyuhyun did not even look up from where he madly typing away on his laptop, and Yesung watched in mild amusement as his dongsaeng attempted to breech the highly secured monitoring system of Seoul’s busy traffic districts. He squints, eyebrows furrowing, and Yesung identified it as that which usually signified that he was close to cracking the last lock and deciphering the last code to gain access to the security cameras.

“More like fugitives. Stepbrothers, based on their file.”

“Stepbrothers, huh, does that mea-”

Yesung’s comment was cut off with Kyuhyun’s excited fist-pump as he successfully broke into Korea’s most secure hybrid system for the nth time in his life.


Footfalls pattered through the streets, and he held onto his brother’s hand. His grip was tight, unforgiving. He feared should it be any less, he might end up collapsing to the pounding of his heart. To be so close to freedom, and yet always having to look behind him, was not what he imagined escaping would be. But between that and the place he left behind, he would grasp it and cling to the illusion of being free.

But Ryeowook’s stamina was not as strong as his, and pretty soon the hand in his grasp slipped and Sungmin reared back to find him on his knees, breathing harshly and clutching on his vest near his heart. Sungmin closed his eyes and knew Ryeowook had reached his limit, and they would have to find someplace near to rest for the night.

“Sungmin-hyung?” Ryeowook whispered as he took off his cap and slid into the makeshift bed they made out his vest and Sungmin’s large jacket. The sounds of the trains sliding over the railways above the tunnel they huddled under echoed through the night. “How far away will we go?”

Sungmin looked at him and smiled that carefree, reassuring smile–the one that told Ryeowook everything was going to be okay. “Until they can no longer catch us.”

Ryeowook was appeased by the words, and closed his eyes. Sungmin looked at him and the anguish he hid so deep inside his heart reflected for a passing moment, and then it was gone.

Sometimes, he believed freedom was not meant for them. But for Ryeowook’s sake, he would keep dreaming.


“They don’t seem like the bad type. I wonder what happened to get them high in the wanted list.” Yesung mumbled to himself distractedly.

Kyuhyun sighed and realized Yesung must be conflicted at the idea of their targets being uncannily innocent. There were no derogatory records on their file, nothing that would indicate any acts of misdemeanor. In fact, the only leads they had were their names and an uncanny tattoo embedded on their bodies. “Sungmin” and “Ryeowook”, wanted by the very Organization their agency worked for.

“I don’t know. But…”

Kyuhyun looked at the photo of the one named “Sungmin”, large eyes wide and unsuspecting. Somehow, Kyuhyun imagined he found traces of something deeply hidden in the depths of those dark black eyes–something he wanted to know more of.

“I want them to prove their innocence. So we’ll search for them, even if it takes to the ends of the earth.”

To be continued…
1st-Jun-2010 02:11 am - A Very Potter Show Choir - Finn/Kurt
YunJae paris
Title: A Very Potter Show Choir
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kurt had just came up with a very brilliant idea...
Warnings/Spoilers: Up to Theatricality, as well as spoilers to HP book 7 if you haven't read it..
Author: westkitsune
Exchange Recipient: fiveto_midnight (I tried my best to put the themes, but I might not be as successful as I'd wanted to be xD)
A/N: Okay so this hasn't been my first plot at all (more like my third really). But Finn and Kurt won't cooperate because they keep arguing to themselves who will be the seducer. Since I just realized that deadline is extended, maybe I'll get to finish the first one. Kurt is also ridiculously hard to characterize script-wise :O

To my beta-s Nina, Lau and Sheenz, thanks you guys :3

Read moreCollapse )
17th-May-2010 04:00 pm - OH YEAH!
Draco Tom Felton
28th-Feb-2010 01:49 pm - Fic Rec
Draco Tom Felton
Haha I haven't updated in ages, Senior life has been very hectic, but my impending freedom is arriving come March 2.

Still, I'm recc-ing enchanted_jae's Harry/Draco birthday gift for me because it is hot and downright evil but funny at the same time. Haha, Her birthday gifts is one of the things I look forward to every year. Tsk, evil!Harry, haha! Poor Draco, I wanted to hug him xD

Slave for a Day
15th-Jan-2010 02:42 am - AVATAR
YunJae paris

James Cameron has done it again!

The movie was utterly gorgeous, especially in iMAX 3D. Like I posted before, Avatar is a modern Pocahontas. The story is deep, without being overly so. The acting was also not overly dramatic, nor bland… just right. And that is what makes it perfect. The colors are wonderful to look at, and it will take you into a whole new world beyond compare, even in my wildest dreams. The characters are lovable, and the picture itself it the most beautiful movie ever.

I recommend it 100%. *fangirl sigh*
21st-Nov-2009 12:13 am - Plot Bunny Strikes
YunJae paris
I wanna write a fanfic wherein one partner is a gorgeous bringer of death (shinigami in Japanese) and the other is one who is sick and does not know he's falling for a reaper! Inspired by Spicy Hot Life... but this time I wish it's more sentimental and sad and different xD

..but asklfjslkgg my inspiration decided to take a vacation alongside schoolwork. DON'T GO INSPIRATION! *tries to catch*


and I still need to get my scanner fixed so I can scan the overdue H/D comic and chibi!TVXQ @_@
15th-Nov-2009 10:09 pm - The First Bottom!Draco Fest
Draco Tom Felton
...is over! *sigh* My first ever fest made me so very happy.

I discovered a lot of lovely writers and artists through it, went through sleepless nights with my fellow lovely mods. I seriously thought that fandom has no more space in such a busy senior college life, but giving time for the bottom_draco community fest made me love my fandom even more. I appreciated graphics-making again, through the banners for the fest.

It would have been impossible to manage without my four other fellow mods, gypsyflame who was always the rational voice for me, dadomz whose artistic-ness and insights inspired me a lot... asdjhk who worked double-time and gave us valuable inputs and the crazy prompts and Big Reveal... And ofcourse to plotting_pen, who plotted and schemed with me back and forth when everything was going crazy and did so much for the fest than I could ever hope to do. Thank you so much to the four of you. I love you guys!

And our 38 participants, who made it all happen. Words are not enough to thank you guys. Thank you so much!

Till our next fest!~ :D
24th-Oct-2009 09:58 pm - Photo of the day!

Hunk Jaejoong ♥
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